double-hung window, insulated glass unit, frame closeup


  • + Commerical grade frame
    • They stand up to structural shift.
    • Our replacement windows are more durable than those sold by our competitors. We build them commercial grade, so they stand up to the pressure created by structural shift, even in enormous high-rises. That's why our window lasts for decades: it's too tough to crack or sag. Learn more about commercial grade vinyl >>

      WeatherGard frames are sturdier and tougher than typical window frames.
  • + Made of non-recycled uPVC
    • They never crack, fade, or blister.
    • We start with the highest quality vinyl—pure non-recycled uPVC, made in the USA—which doesn’t deteriorate. Then, we use twice as much uPVC as is used in an ordinary vinyl replacement window to build out the frame. Finally, instead of mechanically fastening the joints, we weld the vinyl to create strong, airtight bonds. Compare us to HansonsTM and Wallside WindowsTM.

  • + Guaranteed for life
    • We stand behind the product forever.
    • We build every single window to last for decades. If it breaks, we'll fix it, no matter how long you have owned the window. Learn more »

      WeatherGard frames are sturdier and tougher than typical window frames.

Energy Efficient.

  • + Insulated low-E glass
    • Our window delivers real energy savings.
    • WeatherGard’s titanium dioxide low-E film is a highly effective insulator—it keeps heat inside during the winter, and outside during the summer, substantially reducing energy bills. Sunlight enters, uninhibited by the low-E layer, while transmission of long-wave radiation (heat) is resisted.

      Insulated glass unit
  • + Argon-filled dual pane unit
    • Keeps interior glass at near room temp.
    • WeatherGard windows are built around two extra thick glass panes, separated by a moisture-free airtight chamber, which is filled with Argon-40, a safe and chemically inert gas with far lower thermal conductivity than air. This serves to further inhibit heat transfer into and out of the home.

  • + Industry-best spacer
    • Stops heat transfer through the window.
    • The spacers which separate the panes in ordinary windows are a drain on efficiency, since they conduct thermal energy between the panes of glass. WeatherGard windows don’t suffer from this inefficiency because we use Cardinal® spacers—the best in the world.

Locally Manufactured.

  • + Factory direct pricing
    • Excellent windows at good prices.
    • Affordability and value are core priorities for us. We've developed our entire lineup to deliver excellent efficiency, to last forever, and we're especially proud to be able to offer every window at impressively low cost.
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  • + Support Michigan jobs
    • We are more than 100 Michigan workers.
    • WeatherGard is a family-owned business, based in Oak Park and now also in Grand Rapids, and all together, we're a team of more than a hundred people, working to build, sell, and install windows and patio doors. You can feel good about the fact that every dollar you spend with WeatherGard stays here in Michigan, helping the local economy.

  • + Service is quick.
    • Fast, dependable, local service.
    • In the event that something should go wrong, all you have to do is call, email, or stop by our office, and we'll address all issues as quickly as possible.

      Insulated glass unit

Replacement Windows in Every Shape, Size, & Color

replacement double-hung windows


These windows create a classic look, and make cleaning from inside easy, with inward-tilting sashes.

Double-Slide (Slider) Windows


Ideal if you want a broad, unobstructed view, and the sashes lift out for easy cleaning of the entire window.

Casement windows


Take advantage of both full ventilation and a cranked-tight seal against the elements.

Picture windows

Picture Windows

Achieve exactly the appearance you intend, while totally sealing the weather out.

Bay & Bow Windows

Bay & Bow

Made of furniture grade hardwood; available with pre-stained shells.

Garden windows

Garden Windows

Create a sunny, warm place for your flowers and other plants to thrive indoors.

Sliding Patio Doors

Patio Doors

Offers a full-scale view of adjacent outdoor spaces and a secure entrance and exit.

Specialty, custom-shape windows

Specialty Windows

Order custom windows in any shape or size to exactly suit your space and style.