GardTech™ Triple Protection

This is WeatherGard's pledge to use the best quality vinyl, the best-insulated glass, and the very best design for every GardTech™ WeatherGard window.


Not all vinyl is created equal. The Midwestern climate, with its frigid winters and sizzling summers, can cause lesser vinyl to discolor or deteriorate.

  • Lesser quality vinyl allows more of the sun's UV rays to pass through the vinyl which attacks the chemical properties of the vinyl causing deformation and color shifts.
  • By using a specific blend of materials, WeatherGard's vinyl is formulated to meet the intense demands of our region.
  • All of the vinyl used in WeatherGard's windows are subjected to fourteen different quality assurance tests, each calibrated to meet the highest quality requirements for windows that can stand up to any climate anywhere in the world.


A combination of low emissivity (‘low E’) coated glass and a warm edge spacer system make the glass unit an integral component of all WeatherGard windows.

  • Low E is nearly invisible chemical coating applied to a glass surface that is designed to send heat back to its source, keeping the heat in during winter months and keeping the sun's heat out during summer months.
  • WeatherGard windows use our patented titanium coated Low E glass, which provides excellent thermal insulation and can translate into significant year-round energy savings, whether heating or cooling systems are in use.


All of WeatherGard's GardTech™ windows are the product of years of engineering and testing, providing consumers with a superior window designed to maximize beauty, comfort and energy efficiency.

  • Fusion-welded corners in both the frame and the sashes build strength and structural integrity directly into every window WeatherGard manufactures.
  • An airtight seal that prevents air and water infiltration.
  • Our multiple hollow chamber design produces a thermally efficient frame with superior resistance to heat transfer.
  • The different chambers help prevent the passage of heat through the frameā€”the more chambers, the more efficient the window.
  • Each WeatherGard window comes with a specially designed interlock system, providing extra security as well as a highly energy efficient seal.